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Pixelshere is a classic platformer with a dynamic soundtrack. I wanted to make a music-themed game where music is an essential gameplay element. I also wanted to fuse the art and sound design together in a meaningful way. The result is a game with a lot of classic platformer action, exploration, physics puzzles, and music puzzles that can be played by everyone. It's a bit whimsical which reflects my development process of experimenting with various gameplay mechanics until I find something I like.

About me - Hello. I'm Alex, a Minneapolis, MN based musician. You might have heard of me as The Cynic Project where I had a popular song named Matrix ][ and got over six million downloads on mp3.com. I'm fascinated by the hidden beauty encoded in procedural processes like fractals, cellular automata, and generative music. I'm a bit of a generalist, dabbling in music, design, visual art, photography, and software development. By combining these disciplines, I can create a consistent and focused vision for a game that is fantastic, dynamic and beautiful.

The Music of Pixelsphere

The music of pixelsphere is calm and relaxing. Much care was put into the soundtrack of the game. In fact I have invested 100+ hours making sure the music and sound effects are the perfect complement to the art in pixelsphere.

The soundtrack is calm and relaxing in an ambient style. The most exciting aspect of the soundtrack is the dynamic music generation system. Each time you collect an item, you'll hear procedurally generated sequences, pre-programmed melodies, and arpeggios. These blend beautifully with the soundtrack to create a lush atmosphere and unique experience each time you play. Some levels feature bouncing balls, weightless orbs, and other physical systems to trigger melodies which must be played in a precise order to decrypt hidden messages. I work in a variety of styles like ambient, progressive trance, house, orchestral/movie music, and chiptunes. I'll expand into new genres of music as they are required to tell the story of Pixelsphere.

Kickstarter - I need your support!

I've been working on Pixelsphere for TWO YEARS, and now I need your support to fund additional assets to complete the game The money will allow me to hire artists and contract developers to finish and polish the game. There's a ton more work to be done!

Kickstarter has approved my project, and I will be launching THIS WEEK - probably on 12/5/13.

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Check out the Kickstarter page to see the neat backer rewards, like the extended soundtrack, an 8x8 art book and posters! You can even design your own level to be featured in the game!


  • Hundreds of hand-crafted musical sound effects, tones and arpgeggios
  • Family friendly (ages 6-96)
  • Hand crafted levels (30 complete so far)
  • Pixel art and carefully selected palettes
  • Created by Alex Smith/The Cynic Project (over 6m downloads on mp3.com)
  • Manipulate gravity! Explore the top and bottom side of the world.

  • News

  • 9/20/13 - Updated website. I've recorded several new songs and over a hundred sound effects this month. The script and gameplay captures for the kickstarter video are in progress...More news in the next few weeks.
  • 8/31/13 - I'm making great progress on the demo. Adding some more screenshots. Pushed the Kickstarter out a month so I can make a proper video. I am also looking for suggestions and ideas for designing puzzles and filling out the gameplay/story. Please email me for details.
  • 12/3/13 - Kickstarter in 3 days. Stay tuned.

  • Contact

    Please send me your feedback! I want to know what you think about the game so far. Contact me with feedback, ideas, suggestions or bug reports at: cynicmusic.com

    cynic@cynicmusic.com »


    The realm of Hexatonia was thought of as merely legend and folklore by the vast majority of modern civilizations on Pixelsphere. Legends speak of a curious insect-like Hexatonian race that communicated using beautiful music on a six-tone scale, the echos of which linger throughout the land to create a serene, ever-present melody that seems to hang in the air. Legend warned that these sounds were sweet enough to lure some non-Hexatonians away, completely entranced, never to return. ...

    After dedicating his life to Hexatonian anthropology and the search for Hexatonia, Axl's father Maestro finally found the location of this fabled land. With proof of Hexatonia's existence, he then began work on a device called the Hexatonian Universal Translator (HUT) that would allow him to walk among his beloved specimens safely. The HUT serves to decode the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by the Hexatonians. In theory, the full, entrancing effects of the Hexatonian landscape would be filtered through the HUT before reaching the ears, allowing the non-Hexatonian wearer a safe yet still enjoyable stroll through the land. One day, Axl noticed his father was taking an unusually long stroll and decided to search for him. When he found the HUT lying on the ground just outside the Hexatonian border, he knew something was wrong. Maestro would never cast aside his prized invention so carelessly. Armed with his father's device, Axl sets off to find and retrieve his father from the fascinating land that threatens to consume him.

    The story unravels as you discover the narrative of the Hexatonians. Their language consists of musical tones, and is expressed by the tension and resolution of phrases, intervals and chords. Musical markers placed throughout their world are equivalent to our "letters", but only amount to gibberish until played in a precise order


    Here is a art:


    Pixelsphere contains many assets created exclusively by Alex Smith, but the foundation is essentially built from the community, using many open source assets and technologies.

  • Citrus Engine
  • Hybridmink (cover art)
  • Celianna (trees)
  • Alex HW (trees and character design)
  • opengameart.org
  • Surt (various)
  • Many other tilesets from opengameart
  • addedtostage.de / Thomas Z (rope bridges for Box2D)
  • Emanuele Feronato (Box2D tutorials, car)

  • Conclusion

    Pixelsphere requires another 10 months of development. Please contact Alex Smith for more info.